Mexico Bariatric Center: Bariatric Surgery Medical Tourism

SOURCiS, Inc. is a medical tourism and healthcare marketing company. Our company operates in two segments: providing medical tourism services in Mexico and then also providing healthcare marketing assistance to surgeons and healthcare providers in the US.

Mexico Bariatric Center

We operate Mexico Bariatric Center, the #1 provider of weight loss surgery in Mexico, a company that helps the U.S. and Canadian patients find bariatric healthcare in Mexico. Mexico Bariatric Center has developed close personal relationships with hospitals and bariatric surgeons to offer safe and affordable healthcare in Mexico.

We are a fully integrated medical tourism provider; and, unlike other companies, we handle each stage of our operation with a focus on patient care. We promote our services to patients in the US and Canada who are actively looking for a medical tourism alternative. Once we receive a request for more information, our staff handles each patient’s account personally. Our staff answer questions and address concerns and work directly with our surgeon to help patients determine if they’re candidates for weight loss surgery.

Our patient coordinator in Mexico handles everything once the patient lands in Mexico. Our professional driver picks the patient up from the airport and transports them to their hotel. Our patient facilitator in Mexico serves as our patient’s main point of contact during their stay. From the trips back and forth to the hotel to consultations before and after surgery, our patient coordinator handles all of the logistics to ensure a smooth and worry-free experience.

We maintain continuous relationships with the hospitals and physicians and are consistently monitoring the care our patients receive. We have the highest standards of care in our industry, with the longest aftercare of any medical tourism company in Mexico. We truly care about each patient that pursues bariatric surgery. Because of our focus on the patients, we maintain rigorous and high standards in order for surgeons, hospitals, and facilitators to remain affiliated with our company. Patients can always be assured that we working to maintain and even improve the high quality of the services we provide.

Healthcare Marketing

Aside from the active work of providing medical tourism and bariatric surgery to patients, we also provide Bariatric Surgeon Marketing services. In our subsidiary division, healthcare marketing provides internet marketing, content, domain, and hosting management, to various healthcare providers in the United States. We help physicians reach their target demographic by using our marketing expertise to design websites that deliver patients.

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