Patient Management, Scheduling & CRM Software for Medical Practices

Patient Management Software by SOURCiS was first developed to manage patients undergoing medical tourism. Since we continued to develop our program for our needs, it evolved into a sophisticated, full-fledged patient management software.

After many iterations, this product is quite capable of providing robust and customized solutions for medical practitioners. This software product is capable of various industries including dental, medical and surgical.

Cloud-based Patient Management, Scheduler

By effectively managing a physician’s time, your practice’s revenue can be amplified. That’s where our software will help you, by allowing for full engagement, your practice can effectively run with modern techniques.

Designed for Medical Tourism Facilitators

Our product is specially designed for medical tourism facilitators, helping them gather inbound leads via the web, and handling the entire process for coordinators to effectively manage their trip.

Features of Patient Management Software

  • Scheduling Patients
  • Email Patients, Schedule Reminders
  • Take Payments via Credit Cards
  • Financial Billing, Statements
  • Mulitple Users
  • Upload Patient Files

Administration for Medical Tourism Operators

What’s business software if not helping you create worthwhile and meaningful reports? The program’s administrator can track leads from origination to surgery, compare patient coordinators based on performance. Compare reports to years or months prior. And a whole lot more.

Administration Features

  • Creating User Accounts
  • Coordinator Analytics, Reports
  • Lead Generation Analytics, Reports
  • Patient Analytics, Reports
  • Financial Reports

Future Iteration In Development

  • Full Inclusive Patient Portal (Help, Support, Documents, History)
  • Patient Payments via Patient Portal
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