Medical Software / Applications: CRM, Lead Nurturing, Contact Managment

Clients can help solidify a company’s brand targeting today’s mobile users. We have extensive experience in Obective-C, C, C#, C++, .NET, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, MySQL, and others. We can help build a profitable infrastructure from lead generation to database management and to CRM (customer relationship management).

Web-Based Applications

One of the most exciting promises of the information age is the opportunity to provide people access to your business information, applications, and resources. We develop customized web-based applications for your business. If you do not have an IT department to implement Intranet or Internet application software, we can meet your outsourcing needs. We use new technologies such as Web Services and Microsoft .NET technology to implement powerful web-based applications.

We can develop web applications in the following industries:

Bariatric Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Medical Tourism, Dentistry, Medical Sales, Pharmaceuticals, Vitamins/Supplements, and much more.

Web-Based Applications for the Medical Industry

SOURCiS can develop web applications using Obective-C, C, C++, C#,Visual Basic, Java, and others. We can do simple tasks such as gather web leads, manage them and serve them, to more complicated tasks such as a mobile app for real estate professionals.

Marketing Your Consumer Web Applications

Our skillful team can help market your web applications and make them stand out in the field. Our Medical SEO services can help drive consumers to download, install or use your application.

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